Definitions and Terms

What is Personal Development?

…and all these other terms we keep throwing around?  It’s important that we define some of the terms that we will use throughout the site and the product.  Many of these terms are malleable and can have a hundred definitions based on who is doing the defining.  Our goal here is to set expectations by giving our definition of these terms which should color how we use them.  Let’s start

Personal Development Plan

The personal development plan is what we will be building with you using our tools.  This is the combination of a vision, strategy and scorecard that is based off of the goals that you want to accomplish within a framework that will drive you to reach those goals.  We use this term interchangeably with personal improvement plan and self development plan.

Like any plan, a personal development plan looks great until first contact with the enemy.  In this case, the enemy is the list of bad habits that prevent you from affecting the change you aspire too.  The personal development plan provides you with the tools and the technologies to overcome obstacles and pivot when the changes you believed you wanted turned out to be slightly different than you expected.

Self Awareness

What is self awareness?  At its most fundamental level, self awareness is the study of you.  It is the conscious knowledge of your motives, your strengths, your feelings, your desires and your character.  The importance of self awareness is enormous while building a personal development plan.  This makes up the basis for the first several steps of the plan titled know thyself.  It is incredibly difficulty to know where you are going until you know where you are.  The definition of self awareness is truthfully pinpointing where you are right now.


Happiness is such a loaded term.  The actual happiness definition (Webster) is appropriately vague – “a state of well being and contentment”.  Go ahead and try to define well being and contentment and you end up deep down the rabbit hole.  The problem is that we each define contentment or well being differently.  We even define these terms differently from how we defined them at previous stages of our lives.

Happiness is much like imagination.  You are far better off defining the term for yourself.  Coming up with your own definition is just another step in the journey.

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