Device dependence challenge

Are you really a device junkie??  Answer these quick & fun 10 questions to find out how bad it really is.  Once you get your results, find out what you can do about it!

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How often is the first action you take in the morning or last action you take at night checking your phone or tablet?

How often do you neglect household chores and to do lists to spend time online or on your device?
How often do others in your life complain about the amount of time you spend online or on your device?
How often do you allow your device to interrupt real life conversations or meetings?

How often will you take a call or reply to a text while you are having a meal with others?
How often will you commit to plans with one friend or group of friends only to cancel if something slightly more interesting comes up?
How often do you choose to spend time online or on your device over spending time with friends or family?

How often do you check your device or social media before doing something else you need to do?
How often do you get defensive or secretive when someone asks what you're doing on your device or online?
How often do you sacrifice sleep to spend more time on your device or online?