Personal Development Plan

The Personal Development Plan

That’s what we are doing, building a plan.  There are a ton of negative connotations associated with the term self-help.  Rightly so.  Self-help sounds demeaning.  The term evokes a sense of insecurity to some; selfishness to others.  “I’m going to self-help me to some of your nachos!”  Worst case though, it propagates a sense of victim-hood and being the victim is the exact opposite of what we are trying to accomplish here.

A plan means taking action.  It means being proactive instead of reactive.  It means putting your hand on the tiller and guiding the ship through waters calm and turbulent.  That’s our goal – give you the tools to map the road ahead.

More to come soon!  Until then, stay abreast with progress on our blog.

If you are interested in joining our social experiment where you will get the option to build your first personal development plan, please give us your information below.  We will contact you within the next two weeks with more information about the details of participation.  Thank you!